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Accordingly, it’s up to firms to begin investigating basic beliefs about customers, employees, operations, and policies.When organizations acknowledge and anticipate irrational behavior, they can learn to offset it and avoid damaging results. A few years ago, my colleagues and I found that most individuals, operating on their own and given the opportunity, will cheat—but just a little bit, all the while indulging in rationalization that allows them to live with themselves.Smart organizations will develop a behavioral economics capability by hiring qualified experimenters and conducting small trials that build on one another, revealing a radically different view of how people make decisions.

In 2008, a massive earthquake reduced the financial world to rubble.We’re painfully blinking awake to the falsity of standard economic theory—that human beings are capable of always making rational decisions and that markets and institutions, in the aggregate, are healthily self-regulating.If assumptions about the way things are supposed to work have failed us in the hyperrational world of Wall Street, what damage have they done in other institutions and organizations that are also made up of fallible, less-than-logical people?They have argued that experiments conducted by behavioral economists and psychologists, albeit interesting, do not undercut rational models because they are carried out under controlled conditions and without the most important regulator of rational behavior: the large, competitive environment of the market.Then, in October 2008, Greenspan made his confession.

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For the past few decades, behavioral economics has been largely considered a fringe discipline—a somewhat estranged little cousin of standard economics.

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