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It's like gay men who get into couples where both of them act like women. And with the lesbian thing, where they like girls who act like guys - the weird thing is how they don't actually act like guys, but like cartoon caricatures of what guys are. I get the impression some lesbians are feminists that despise men, therefore flat out refuseto have relationships with them.

Lmfao looking back on it all, we used to hang out at these gay/lesbian/bi places quite a lot and I remember this black chick used to dance in top of the tables all the time with her 'I eat puzzy like a fat kid eats cake' low cut shirt on. When you first get with someone, sex needs to be talked about! I've tried herbs, drugs, you name it but no good results.. The only time we ever have sex is when i bring it up, she NEVER in the course of our relationship has ever initiated sex, asked for it or even told me she was ever horny! Find it in you to go home, throw that shit up against the wall. she looks amazing and sexy the day of her wedding, her husband is hot!!

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