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But, for more Americans than ever before, we’re travelling the road of life without a sidekick. Lisa Anderson leads the young adult division at Focus on the Family, and hosts a weekly podcast and radio program called The Boundless Show.Her book is called The Dating Manifesto: A Drama-Free Plan for Pursuing Marriage with Purpose There is a fairly pervasive belief that we ought to have our lives pretty much together before we consider marriage, yet – is that a reasonable thing to expect?

Now that kind of blows my mind, because I don't perceive that of the 20-somethings. Jim: --she'll use some of the good tips she's learning from you—Lisa: Oh, yeah. The point you're saying is, you know, and it's not your mom's fault generationally—Lisa: Uh-hm.

What are you tryin' to accomplish there with Boundless when you look at it? Lisa: Yeah, well, it's funny, because you know, people think Boundless is a ministry of Focus on the Family. I'm the person that's telling my younger self—all those 20-somethings, 30-somethings—this is what you need to know and I am not afraid to be frank in telling them. You were telling me that your mom, you've included your mom's endorsement of the book. And not that I didn't know that I was single, but it was that realization of the weight of a story that I had not scripted that was actually mine.

It is, but people associate marriage and parenting with Focus and so, they're like, "Well, what does Boundless have to do with that? Lisa: And so, why don't we start preparing marriages and families from the get-go and inspire them to mature in Christ, to kind of grow up into adulthood, take on the responsibilities that are inherent with that and then, move towards that next phase that God has for them. Jim: Where are we missing it as a culture to develop those healthy perspectives, so that marriage is back on a solid platform? I think there's gonna be a resurgence actually—Lisa: Uh-hm. Lisa: It's very true and you see it within Millennials.

Ducks in a row Sometimes in our effort to trust God for our future, have we almost come to look down on taking intentional and active steps toward pursuing relationships that could go somewhere?

Trust and action Dating in 2015 is one of the more confusing realms we’ll encounter. Miscues And now here’s our full conversation with Lisa Anderson!

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