Dating men on oil rigs

That is, they select less for personality traits and more for visual cues of fertility.

This is not to say that personality and character make no difference – of course they do, especially for long-term mating. Surprises others with inner strength and fortitude.

Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and heir to King Salman, was granted control over a wide-ranging anti-corruption committee last week, and immediately used his new power to consolidate his position.

Eleven former ministers and dozens of Saudi princes were arrested or detained on charges of corruption, graft or financial malfeasance.

Many have pointed out that she’s a know liar (true), and have also questioned her motivations for writing this blockbuster article.

While it’s important to acknowledge these things, they aren’t particularly relevant when it comes to impact.

There are a few important rules you have to follow if you want to join the consortium of mainstream economic con-men/analysts.

Russia’s foreign policy “progressives” are indeed making rapid progress in advancing their 21st-century grand strategic goal of positioning Moscow as the supreme balancing force in the Eurasian supercontinent, and this is in turn accelerating the global transition to a Multipolar World Order.

A power-play by the most powerful man in Saudi Arabia took place over the weekend, with big repercussions for the future of the country that is OPEC’s de factor leader and the world’s second-largest oilproducer.

The horse drawn carriage was replaced by the car; the locomotive by the diesel train; the steamship by the motor vessel; and the zeppelin by the airplane.

earlier today is one of the most important things written in 2017 when it comes to political impact going forward.

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