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Pocket watches with built-in gadgets are also popular amongst watch collectors as the added gadget tells a story about the time during which the pocket watch was produced and in use.One of the first historical references of the pocket watch can be found in a letter dated in November 1462 from an Italian .Covers the history and development of pocket watches, how they work, dismantling & cleaning, repairs & tools, dating,... Ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to fix a watch or clock. Sections on alloys, balances & escapements, staffs, etc. Discusses the difference between a chronograph, an automatic watch and a stopwatch. note – All prices given are for sale in a private sale, antique shop or other resale outlet.

The pocket watch is traditionally secured to a waistcoat, lapel or belt loop with a chain, leather strap or other type of fixture.The only good news is that I have been able to buy a few nice Fusee watches (and a good few that have problems which was not good news) and that I managed to built stock before the fly fishing season started.Oxford Pocket Watches on Facebook Oxford Pocket Watches Blog.Particularly good, rare or interesting watches are usually put on my Facebook page and frequently sell within hours or even minutes so to stand the best chance of getting one of these it would be best to follow me on Facebook. W676 Waltham 1894-220, Gold 15J 1918 270W387 Waltham 1894-220 , White Gold 15J 1920 280Discounted Old Watches - mainly re-cased. W687 Waltham 1908-PSB, Silver 17J 1919 325S848 Zenith, Gold 15J Hunter,1921 270Marine Bulkhead Clocks MC2 Tempora (Smiths ), Brass 7J c1960 450MC1 Sestrel (Elliott), Brass 7J c1955 425MC4 Smith Astral Cal156 Centre Seconds, Base Metal 7J c1937 425MC3 Marpro (Smiths Cal 31) 8 Day, Brass 15J c1965 275With the number of display cabinets and stands at the Brackley Antiques Cellar together with the large number of items sold each day it would be totally impractical for the staff to tell me when items have sold, so I usually have to go there to see what has sold, updates on Brackley stock will therefore be less frequent.American Pocket Watches Due to the way I track stock on my Excel spread sheet from which this list is derived, the list will not normally include items on the web site but reserved nor those still in final test and not available for shipment, however the latter are shown above under New Stock. Benson City (Tavannes), Silver 15J Half Hunter,1933 450S838 J. W718 Waltham 1899-620, Gold 15J 1904 315W677 Keystone Howard Duracy, Silveroid 7J c1910 275E802 Rotherham for Butt, Silver 13J 1888 360E743 Vine & Thompson Fob Watch, Silver 11J Half Hunter,1891 475E737 Errington for Pierce, Silver 9J 1903 350S657 Omega., Nickel Silver 15J 1923 330S840 J. Benson "City Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1938 355S781 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 15J Half Hunter,c1910 380S692 Tavannes, Gold 15J c1913 285S632 Cyma, Nickel Silver 7J 1924/5 225S624 Cyma, Silver 15J 1919 260S659 Cyma 999, Silver 15J 1929 265S793 Sammes (Hand Landeron), Silver 15J c 1895 350S705 Revue, Gold 15J c1930 305S711 Limit (Revue), Silver 19J 1929 340S707 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 15J 1919 265A good number of watches by Benson and a few very nice high end ones by Waltham came along in early November, other than that supply remains very limited (and through 9th December got much worse, only 1 watch acquired in the last 13 days! Some nice watches became available pre Christmas but many had major faults and /or went for a lot of money.

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