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It appears that the two hit it off on that first date; there was a second and then a third.

Aly says that Colton drove about 90 minutes each way, from the Oakland Raiders practice facility (Colton was signed to the Raiders’ practice squad at the time, before being released later that month) to San Jose, where Aly was based at the time, to meet up for their dates.

As for what the future holds for the couple, that remains to be seen.

Underwood, 24, and Raisman, 22, are both professional athletes, which means that both of them can be expected to have pretty full schedules, between practices, workouts, competitions, and appearances.

video, and she made it known that she was interested in a date with Colton.

Though it’s easy to think their perfect partnership might extend beyond the rink, both are in relationships—with other people.By August 28, the night of the VMAs, Aly and Colton went from casually seeing each other to officially dating, but they decided to “keep it quiet for a while.” During that quiet period of their relationship, Aly met Colton’s parents — and once you meet the parents, your relationship is the real deal.This week, they officially stepped out as a couple, walking the red carpet arm in arm at the Sportsperson of the Year ceremony.“Brent and I definitely want to be serious about it,” said wife Jennifer who says the husband/wife things hasn’t had any drawbacks for them. If anything I have my biggest fan and the person I lean on most in life. The fact that it’s now in the Olympics makes it just another part of the dream.” – Related: Jones: Las Vegas really is a curling hotspot Dawn Mc Ewan said she and Mike have been kind of doing a version of mixed doubles for a while. “I’ll hold the broom for him at practice and he’ll hold the broom for me. Of all the match-ups that have been made, one of the most interesting has been that of John Morris and Rachel Homan.“We practice a lot together anyway so it’s kind of a natural progression. Morris remembers her as a five-year-old at the same club in Ottawa from where he emerged to become a world junior champion. “Obviously she’s turned into being one of the best curlers in the women’s game.” While the Ottawa connection and his dad being her former coach was part of their match-up, Chestermere, Alberta firefighter Morris said he was looking for a partner who would be serious about it.

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If you take up elite level curling, odds are you are going to end up marrying a curler and raising a bunch of little curlers. “Once you say Olympics things get a lot more serious. Lawes and Mc Ewan are members of her gold medal-winning team and Dawn and Mike, being husband and wife, that’s built in.

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