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So in answer to your question, the answer is "all of them".

I beg to disagree with Raven Garcia: for a start, his "translations" are written in a funny sort of French (beware the dreaded automatic translators! " "peck" (noun) is definitely a "bécot" or "bise" (kiss), while "peck" (verb) does translate as "donner un coup de bec" (poultry,/aggressive) or "faire une bise" (people / friendly).Until the rise of the fashion magazine of the same name, I always had trouble explaining 'glamour' to Polish learners.Two Polish words which defy translation into English would be 'kombinowac' and 'zalatwic' (apologies for the lack of Polish symbols).Don't forget - apparently the French have no word for "entrepreneur".That anecdote about George W Bush tells you everything you need to know about linguistic borrowing and lexical equivalences across languages.

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My (German) friend Marianne had to admit there is no normal equivalent in German for the self-referring equivalent of our word "Anglophile" to mean a lover of German or Germany.

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