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I like to encourage people to get into “game shape” for the dating experience. In addition to looking better on the outside, you’ll be taking care of yourself on the inside too. It’s no wonder many dates end on that note or something close to it. What I don’t advise is to go to that first date with hopes like: “This might be the one: he sounds perfect on paper and my friends say we are perfect for one another—I hope I don’t screw this up! This scavenger hunt of information can even be shared with a date. “My passion is working with people for whom the primary tasks of middle adulthood have been complete. Relationships have stayed the course, dissolved, or are on the horizon.What are the things that are present when you feel and look your best? Take a visit to the make-up counter, hair stylist or boutique and treat yourself in a way that makes you feel good about how you present yourself. Research has shown that those people who understand and pay attention to their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs feel more energetic and report higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction. The secret to successful dating is to look at the entire experience with a light heart and to imagine that it is part of a grand experiment rather than a means to an end. ” What I do advise is to set your intention around finding the following three things out on your date: * One thing you have in common (a hobby, past history, etc) * One goofy thing about one another * One thing you would like to learn more about him/her A friend of mine recently tried this and reported back that it changed the whole dating experience for him — from anxiety producing to enjoyable. Career goals have been achieved, have been a disappointment or are being dreamed of.

The pairings that are least likely to initiate a conversation are male caterers with female students, male librarians with female teachers, and male caterers with female doctors. Another interesting observation is which vocations are the most fussy when it comes to who they date. Marketers, admin assistants and bartenders are the least fussy. Business Executive (male) and Business Executive (female) 5. And when it comes to receiving messages from the opposite sex, it seems online daters aim high, with male pilots and female flight attendants receiving the second most messages from interested parties, just behind people that work in advertising. Steve Carter, e Harmony’s Vice President of Matching, said: “As experts in relationship compatibility, we were interested to see which combinations of jobs seemed mutually attractive, versus which ones were most attractive to possible partners in general. The following are things you need to have in place to work from this middle ground: 1.Know thyself…and get a quick read of others Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person if you know what section of the newspaper (for those of us who still read our papers rather than the online version) he or she picks up first?

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