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It was founded in 2012 by five men: KJ Singh, Raja Singh, Barninder Singh, Kiratbir Singh, and Daman Singh.

(Traditionally, Sikh men take the last name “Singh” and women take the last name “Kaur.”)Since the club's conception, membership has swelled from the initial five to the current roster’s 28.

them mentality — is a world away from the ethos of the bikers who make up the Sikh Motorcycle Club of the Northeast.

The club, which is based in New Jersey, is one of several similar groups around the United States and Canada, although it’s an independent entity.

Wearing a turban in the United States means living with the weight of its fabric, and recognizing that it can all too often be turned into a target.

Exactly what makes someone “American” has been debated since the nation was a borderless, lawless dream.

But in a political landscape in which white supremacy has come back into vogue and the president of the country refuses to denounce it, being able to claim the label feels newly urgent.The Sikh edict dastaar binaa nahee rehnaa translates to “never be without the turban, wear it always.” Sikhism asks its followers to leave their hair uncut as a way to respect what God has created, and so turbans serve a dual purpose: to accommodate long locks of devotion, and to turn observant Sikhs into walking symbols of their faith.Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world, but remains largely a mystery to Americans, who frequently confuse Sikhs with Muslims due to similarities between the turbans worn by Sikh men and women and the head wraps worn by some members of the Taliban.But as the members waited to take their place between two floats, an officer informed them that they would not be allowed to ride if they didn’t wear their helmets.Although motorcycle riders are required by law to wear a helmet in New York state, for the past six years club riders have traveled in the parade at a leisurely pace (“nearly walking the bikes,” Barninder said) with nothing on their heads but their hair and their turbans. Some members wanted to ride without their helmets and deal with the consequences.

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