Dating straight talk

Give her a Lesbian Book or a Lesbian Movie If you already know her very well, give her a lesbian movie to watch or a lesbian book to read.

This strategy is proven to work out in a straight woman.

In other words, the more PEA the woman you want pumping through her bloodstream, the more likely she is to fall in love with you.

It may be hard to let someone adore you but this is a good technique to kick-start the production of her PEA.

If you’re too shy to do this skip the toffee and do bouncing ball.

Once you’ve won her over and she likes you, start being a little less available, even less until she hardly see you at all.

In this way, you can effectively apply the “law of scarcity.” It is a fact that people want what they can’t have and your being constantly available diminishes your value.

It’s like looking away to the person who joined the conversation and then bounce back your eyes to the person you’re interested in.

Give her “Bedroom Eyes” Bedroom eyes are the look of lust.

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She may not be happy to receive it but her curiosity will always drive her to watch or read the same.

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