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Here is what you get; *Nearly 18 full hours of digitally recorded material on 9 DVDs *A workbook full of teaching slides and aides *A detailed track listing for quick access *Sturdy 3-ring binder to hold all of your DVDs and other material I received this product in brand new condition.The product is a good review on dating techniques and has helped me get a good understanding on what I need to know about dating and women.David has done a good job of stirring the desire lurking inside men, that have been lying dormant, most of the time hiding behind self constructed denial of the ego.This desire that alot of men want more, better choices with women.

I got lucky last time because my now x girlfriend worked with me so we stuck together a lot and hooked up but she got a new job and that's when it went down hill.I can remember when I first created this program, and guys who were at the live filming of the program said things like: "I thought you were just going to teach the same stuff you teach in your book… in other words, guys who wanted to learn: how and why women were attracted to guys (and how to trigger that attraction)…how to fix "self image" problems and how to overcome the fear of approaching women…It was hard for me to meet the girls I wanted to meet, but I did have success after getting this, it helped me meet the girls I wanted to meet and now I have 3 girlfriends who always want to hang out and sleep over. They don't mind me “Dating” different women, they all want a piece of me and I'm just an average guy. I'm getting all his products I used it well and to my advantage.David De Angelo man, thanks for giving me some game homie! This is probably the best start anyone can take into wanting to improve their ability to understand women behavior applied to dating and having better, more FUN-filled relationships.

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I think I will have to listen to it a couple of times to fully understand the messages and techniques given.

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