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These are the guys you see bumbling around drunk at the bar, girls shaking their heads and walking away from them in disgust.These are the guys you see getting angry and upset at their girlfriends because they don't understand women and don't know why their women are doing what they're doing.I subsequently took FOUR of the girls I met during the coaching session on dates where I applied the things Chase had taught me on relating and rewarding. 90% of the girls I went out with ended up IN MY BED by the third time we got together. I'm really not doing anything all that spectacular -- I just eliminated a few bad habits and started applying the same basic structure I learned from Chase for each date.About half the girls I've taken to bed have told me (smilingly) afterward, that they NEVER intended to have sex with me SO SOON but "it just happened".

Give him a handjob because you WANT to give him an incredible sexual experience he’ll never forget. Just like a woman’s vagina, a man’s penis has many different parts that are super sensitive and will drive your man wild for you if you stroke them in just the right way.

The skills required to be good at picking up women often do not overlap with the attributes of a good coach.

I know quite a few self proclaimed "instructors" that are excellent with women THEMSELVES, but just DON'T have the ability to transfer that skill set to their students.

If you're a MASOCHIST -- someone who LOVES pain -- and you REALLY want to torture yourself, then sure, go ahead and try to learn everything from scratch by YOURSELF.

It's going to be a long, hard road, and you're I don't want you to end up in that boat.

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