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She has “Wesley” who is two years old and “Astrid’ who is three months old.She also has an eleven and a half year old Miniature Schnauzer named “Odie” and a four year old Brussels griffon mix named “Fizzgig” AKA “Fizzy”.Hire date: March 2010Position: Office Manager currently. Pets/names and breeds/ages: Brittany and her husband Phil have a 4 year old Pekingese named “Lulu”, and two domestic short hair cats: “Brody” is six and “Oliver” is nine.Hire date: Feb 2009Position: Full time Receptionist Pets names/breed/ages: Karen Ivens Loves dogs of all sizes and owns several rescue pets.Located in Chester Springs, PA, minutes away from Exton, Downingtown, and Elverson.Hire date: November 2002Position: Full time Technician Pets names/breed/ages: Chrissie has two dogs a ten and half year old Cavalier king Charles named “Kami” and “Minnie” her 5 year old short haired Chihuahua. “Smokey” is twelve and a half years old and “Jezebel” is eleven.Centre Animal Hospital in State College, PA is a full service companion animal hospital.

She has two Pit bulls: Three year old “Pete” and 8 year old “Precious”.Hire date: 2001 left and came back in June 2011Position: Receptionist and Licensed Veterinary Technician Pets names/breed/ages: Jennie has a seven month old Bernese mountain dog named “Bayla” as well as a four month old Newfoundland mix named “Zander”.They all enjoy playing with Jennie’s 1 year old domestic short hair sisters, “Stella” and “Sierra”.She has Ellie a six year old Great Dane, Zeb and Tschay both two year old Afghan Hounds, Daisy a 11 year old Maltese, Comet a ten year old Yorkie, Wags a six year old toy Poodle, Blaze a two year old toy Poodle, and Molly a nine year old Standard Poodle.She also owns Sam the Parrot and one mini horse named Ruby.

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Many of our doctors participate in volunteer spay clinics for the 100 Cat Foundation. Centre Animal Hospital is committed to providing prescription medications that are safe, effective and affordable.

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