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And top-of-the-line ones can be had for a reasonable price.A mattress pad is a cheap way to instantly upgrade it; and also helps a real bed that’s just plain uncomfortable .An inexpensive bouquet of flowers (roughly at any supermarket) in a small vase in the guest room is a warm and inviting touch that instantly adds a sense of vibrancy to a guest room.In fact, fresh flowers will add a similar effect pretty much anywhere you put them around the house.Whether a guest room or an air mattress on the living room floor, bunk out for a night with what you currently have available to get an idea what you’re lacking. Does obnoxiously bright morning sun shine directly in your face first thing in the morning?

A few small things can make your guests’ stay a bit more homey.Whether it's a date, a college buddy, or relatives bunking up with you for a wedding weekend, there are do's and don't's when it comes to hosting houseguests.Hosting is an art that is difficult to perfect, but can be easy and inexpensive to do really, really well with a little forethought.If your guest bed is a ratty old futon you wouldn’t sleep on in a million years, why would you expect your guests to?Luckily, inflatable mattresses have come a very long way in recent years.

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Guests should also be given clean, nice towels that are held on reserve specifically for guests. Stocking up on breakfast items is always a good idea, too.

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