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Regional finals in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff will see 50 talented and aspiring drummers battle it out for 5 places at the finals at Yamaha Headquarters in Milton Keynes. The video can be made using acoustic or electronic drums.

Prizes How to enter #FUTUREBEAT Simply send an email with a link to a short video clip of your drumming performance with Full Name, Date of Birth, Address and Contact Number to your local friendly neighbourhood Drum Depot store: [email protected] closing date for submission is 11.59pm on Sunday 20th August 2017. Judges will be looking for groove, timing, technique, versatility and expression.

Of course looking at some of the biggest names in jazz drumming today that play 18″ bass drums even though they don’t have the space constraints, indicates that physical dimensions aren’t the real reason, or at least not the sole real reason.

Peter Erskine, illy Hart, Ralph Peterson, Brian Blade, Carl Allen, Rashied Ali, Joey Baron, Ed Thigpen, Jimmy Cobb, Jeff Hamilton, Elvin Jones, Steve Smith, Jack De Johnette, Hamid Drake, Herlin Riley, Kenny Washington, Eric Harland, B Jeff “Tain” Watts, Cindy Blackman, Art Blakey, Lewis Nash, Clayton Cameron, John Riley, Bill Stewart, Billy Higgins, All 18″ bass drum players, that likely don’t lug their gear around themselves, or are concerned with how much space their kit takes up on stage.

This is common on EAK cymbals, but there are also EAKs that have the words written in right side up.

This is the stamp in the bronze, which is not useful for determining the age of the cymbal.

Sizes are Bass: 18 X 14, Rack Tom: 12 X 8, Floor Tom: 14 X 14 and Wood Snare: 14 X 5.

Or rather, the lower tuning of the entire kit with a larger bass drum competes with said bass.

This along with the greater ability to moderate the volume of a smaller bass drum to blend in easier in the low key, smooth, groovy jazz that is most popular by numbers.

None of this of course applies to Big band jazz with lots of wind instruments and often quite “meaty”.

Simply put, the higher tuning and dynamic range along with increased volume control allows the drummer to compliment rather than compete with the bassist.

Personally, I prefer the way they sound and I’m a believer that this is the reason for at least a few of the great drummers in the above list.

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