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Director Eran Riklis, a mainstay of Israeli cinema for 30 years, has frequently focused his lens on Palestinian-Jewish Israeli relations, including such award-winning movies as “The Syrian Bride,” “Lemon Tree” and “Zaytoun.” The original title of “A Borrowed Identity,” as well as the title of the book on which it is based, is “Dancing Arabs,” which might lead the unwary patron to anticipate an off-kilter musical comedy, akin to “The Producers.” Riklis, in a Skype interview, gave a more sophisticated explanation for the title.

“I see the story as a dance between identities, or, if you will, a dance of life, with two steps forward and one backward,” he said.

A case in point for the first phenomenon is “A Borrowed Identity,” which revolves around Eyad, a very bright Palestinian boy from a small West Bank town.

He is offered a scholarship to study at the Israel Arts and Science Academy, a prestigious private boarding school in Jerusalem.

“I had a nervous breakdown because of this relationship.

“Sayed is respected by the Jewish people,” he said, “but there are limits.A former employee also accused the company of failing to investigate complaints of sexual harassment against female workers. “I have no idea what people are talking about,” he said.Just a few days after a video of a Kenyan lady in Saudi Arabia begging to be saved from her abusive employers made its rounds on social media, another lady has reportedly been murdered in the same country.“If a female employee dates an Arab man, they try to fire her. They tell the human resources department to thoroughly check if any of the girls are dating Arab men.”“Once they found out I was going out with an Arab, they decided that from their standpoint, it was inappropriate,” she said.“They did everything to make me feel unwanted, like I didn’t belong.

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