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Believe me, that isn't the kind of woman most men want to date.

Mistake #3 The List Dater: Do you have lists of traits you want in a man?

We can see a stunning background and if we squint, we can just about make you out in the distance.

Either that, or you're in a group of people so we don't even know which one you are anyway!

Here's the thing — you need to keep it on your profile. After that it's down to how we get on when we start talking on the phone and actually meet. Cut out the epic novel and story of how you're looking for a prince to rescue you from life. We want to know what you look like today, not last year.But what I've seen also explains why so many women are frustrated by online dating sites, and why they only seem to meet men interested in stripping on camera or having a booty call.While looking at all these horrific profiles, I've spotted which kill attraction with the right kind of men, and strike an unwanted chord with the very wrong kind of men.Here's the rule of thumb with online dating profile photos: post a couple of RECENT shots that clearly show your face. It might sound shallow but men need to know if there's any initial attraction to you.Don't pretend you're someone you are not, and don't post photos from when you were thirty pounds lighter.

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