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However, as an intelligent, inquiring child, Stott was always asking dangerous questions and so, it turns out, was her father, who was also full of doubt.

The Iron Room (named for the windowless meeting houses made of corrugated iron where the Brethren would worship) is Stott's attempt to understand and even forgive her father: a brilliant, charismatic, difficult, and at times cruel man who nonetheless inspired his daughter with his love of literature, film, and art and with his passion for life. This should have been a fabulously interesting book, but was a deadly dull history of the Exclusive Brethren.What got me was the attention to mundane, life, detail.Aging, I’m increasingly interested in what makes us all regular (and irregular) people - the horrors and the simplicity and I find it comforting and rewarding to uncover all of it. Could be accused as being slow-moving or too much info - but for me, it was the exact right amount.Justifying all this from their interpretation of whatever book they consider holy and 'divinely inspired' No one ever leaves a religion and says, well it was a good life growing up with them. Or are religions all cults when we they are not accepted as conforming to the societies they arise in?The women are equal and there is plenty of joy, I just felt I could no longer go along with it's core beliefs. So with these books, how much is a genuine expose of ritual repression and how much is it really about this or any other author's family and their expectation of her obedience and conformity to their religious and cultural code and how they handle her rebellion? My first year of college was an experience of many new things.

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