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Then, Lorelai’s father leaves Luke money in his will to franchise Luke’s diner, and he’s dragged along on a real estate adventure with Emily – and doesn’t tell Lorelai.

They start to realize that they tend to live separate lives, even though they live together.

, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore broke many hearts and got their hearts broken as well.

Lorelai got engaged multiple times and married once, and Rory had serious boyfriends, casual dates, and a few relationships that fall somewhere in between.

Ultimately, they patched things up, and in the series finale, it looked like they might (maybe? Of course, that’s not even to the closure that fans wanted.

However, thanks to the Netflix “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” revival released on Friday, viewers got to see Lorelai tie up every loose end in her life, including the big Luke question.

It’s bad, guys, and what makes it even worse is that this is the third time I’ve watched the series.

I already know everything that happens, but this is my number one favorite show in the world, and I just can’t seem to take a break from it. You’ve probably seen him in , but her credits as an actress stop in 2011.

] After all of the April drama, Lorelai wound up sleeping with her ex, Christopher (David Sutcliffe), in the sixth season finale.Eventually, things really go south, spurred by Lorelai’s semi-midlife crisis over the death of her father.She goes to therapy with Emily, and Emily abruptly quits after it’s a disaster, but Lorelai continues the sessions with the therapist – without telling Luke.The person who really seems to take issue with this living arrangement is Lorelai’s mother, Emily (Kelly Bishop), who calls them “roommates” and doesn’t believe they’re really serious about each other.While that may be wishful thinking because she’s never thought Luke – a owner – was good enough for her daughter, Lorelai insists they’re in a real, solid relationship, but in no rush to get married.

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Luke insists that Lorelai, always afraid of commitment, wanted them to remain relatively independent despite being in a relationship. “That’s how it works.” Perhaps realizing that she’s been subconsciously pushing Luke away, Lorelai decides to go on a soul-searching “Wild”-themed hike, based on the book, not the movie. ) As any “Gilmore Girls” fan knows, Lorelai hates nature, so the fact that she’s heading to the woods is a sign something is seriously wrong.

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