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In July 2011 Archie Comics announced that Keller would star in his own ongoing solo title, also titled Kevin Keller. Reportedly Keller will become president of his high school class but will also face "adversity".

Keller also appeared as an adult in 2012 in the title Life with Archie, which featured Kevin's wedding.

The model-actress, who names One People, One Nation, as her favourite NDP song, says she will get to live out one of her dreams of being able to catch the parade live.

“My friend managed to get tickets and asked if I wanted to go along. I can imagine how emotional and overwhelmed with patriotism and pride I’d be.

but a series of events leaves her jaded.”In real life though, Sheila is far from jaded.

You can tell she has a zeal for life and for living and learning.

In Keller's initial storyline, "Isn't It Bromantic?

and try my best to make myself understood with the few words and sentences I know in Chinese.

When coffee shop aunties and taxi drivers speak to me to take my order or ask my destination, I can only try to follow as best as I can with my smattering of Chinese…

", Veronica expresses interest in dating Kevin but he is uninterested.

As he and Jughead bond over their mutual love of food, Kevin explains that he does not want to date Veronica because he is gay.

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