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DNR officials maintain the allowable harvest during the upcoming season, which will mark the second time the agency has managed a wolf hunt, falls in line with the conservative strategy they’ve set forth for managing wolf hunting and trapping.But some expressed surprise by how deeply the agency cut into the numbers of licenses it would offer, and the number of wolves that could be taken. Like last year, there will be three zones and seasons: There are 2,000 licenses available for the early season and 1,300 for the late hunting and trapping seasons.The most recent estimate also does not include the birth of as many as 2,600 wolf pups born this spring.DNR officials say the survey results are proof that wolves are firmly established in the state, and that the population can handle some harvest.

In these orders whenever a specific clock time is mentioned, such time is meant to be legal California time for the date specified: i.e., during the days when California is on Pacific Daylight Saving Time, Pacific Daylight Saving Time is intended; when California is legally on Pacific Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time is intended.

“I was shocked at the low number,” said Mark Johnson, executive director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association. At least 325 licenses will be available to trappers.

“That said, I had a similar thought at the same time: at least we have a wolf season.” Hunters and trappers can begin applying for licenses Aug. The target harvest is highest in the Northwest Zone – 145; 73 of those may be taken during the early season.

No person shall knowingly feed big game mammals, as defined in Section 350 of these regulations. "Bag and possession limit" means the daily bag limit of each kind of resident and migratory game birds, game mammals and furbearing mammals which may be taken and New NOTE filed 5-13-81; designated effective 5-23-81.

Words defined by sections 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 22, 29, and 30 through 88 inclusive of the Fish and Game Code have had and shall have the same meaning, definition and scope whenever used in division 1 of title 14, California Code of Regulations, it being the intent of the Fish and Game Commission in adopting the orders, rules, and regulations set forth in said division that the provisions of said sections were and are applicable.

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I live in Florida and the deer down here are small.

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