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more about Olen'ka from Odessa For my dear man I`m ready to become the best in the whole world, just to make him happy.I`m never afraid of improving myself which is why I`m certain you would like me! more about Yana from Kharkov In a section "Video of single femeles" there are videos taken by our partners - local marriage agencies and dating services with a style of work - video dating.And that the exemption was always given if you were outside the country for the stipulated period? The exemption is only given on employment income, not other classes of income.That is why independent contractor income is such a bad thing, tax wise, for expatriates.The Budget Speech 22 February 2017 was the first notice hereon and that was completely different to what is being noted now. I just wonder how this will work for people working on the cruise ships? Tax residents can include citizens and non-citizens.Will they also be required to pay tax now even though they earn money on international waters? From what I understand the new law refers to SA residents earning foreign income. The most pertinent questions to ask, if you want to do a quick self-assessment, is (a) did you do a deemed CGT disposal when you left South Africa and disclose this to SARS, (b) did you financially emigrate through the Reserve Bank? SAPeople follower: Is it true that SARS is in the process of adjusting legislation proposals to have all expats taxed?

As a South African tax resident you had to always do this.

And that this will possibly come into effect in March 2019?

Jerry Botha: There is a proposal by National Treasury to tax all South African residents. The term expatriate is loosely used to define both residents and non-residents, so members should please only talk about tax resident or non-tax resident.

It will be good to read the SARS Interpretation Note 3 hereon, as this explains a part of the tax residency test very well.

READ: Tax Residency and Retirement Annuity considerations for Expatriates 9. MORE IMPORTANT TAX INFO and LINKS FOR SOUTH AFRICANS ABROAD For more detailed answers and advice, please contact Tax Consulting South Africa: [email protected] Visit: com/taxconsultingsouthafrica/ Watch Jerry Botha’s interview with Business Day TV today, 21 July 2017, on the proposed changes on exemption on foreign employment income.

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