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Clothed and shod by the past, they rush forward to meet the future head on.

They're also open to internal change, even in the band's most intimate arena: the recording studio.

Metric have not abandoned the traditional markers of success - they built their career with traditional labels, and currently have a hit on alternative radio.

But neither do they cling to the significance of these milestones.

Don't hang on so tightly You'll strangle all romance Seduce me, surprise me Pretend we met by chance Dealt the ace back to me so I played it Feeling the odds were for once on my side What a lie, no I'm not where I thought I would be and I'm naked Love is my labour of life Love is my labour of life Love is my labour of life Is my labour of...

Not looking for reason, not trying to understand Not trying to catch your eye, not trying to touch your hand Not trying to show you part of me no one else can find But I will bring a song to you, who will buy my time?

Shaw notes that while each stage of their career's construction has been just as hard-earned, their success has matched it, and with every step they have moved up to "a different spot on the staircase." Haines agrees: "We've always been on this kind of slow and steady trajectory, but it feels on a different level." Synthetica is at once darker and more hopeful than anything they've done before.

Now with Synthetica, the next level of their career's structure reaches further skyward.' it became the idea of examining what is real and fake, taking that concept and seeing it externally.And we're really at a bizarre moment in history-" "-where Tupac's hologram shows up at Coachella," Haines interjects. Emily and James look at each other and grin; the strangeness delights them.While Jimmy Shaw had always manned the boards, this time they invited the Stills' Liam O'Neil to help record and mix Synthetica, a partnership that allowed Shaw to focus on composing with Haines.Shaw notes that O'Neil "was one of the first people ever to be okay when Emily and I scream at each other.

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