Employee dating guidelines

Your organization will not tolerate sexual encounters and sexual behavior at work.Spell out the consequences if the romance is negatively impacting the workplace.Depending on the discretion of the dating couple, gossip in the workplace can become rampant and disruptive.They also worry about losing valuable employees who might seek employment elsewhere if the relationship ends.

They do object to relationships in which one or both coworkers are married to someone else, however, and they also object when the relationship is between a supervisor and his or her direct report. Poe, an HR freelance writer, also found in a Society for Human Resource Management white paper that adulterous affairs were a problem in some workplaces.

Almost half these policies – 45 percent – forbid romances between employees of significantly different rank. Many organizations forbid intimate relationships even outside supervisory relationships.

Thirty-three percent of organizations forbid romances between employees who report to the same supervisor, and 12 percent won’t even allow employees in different departments to date.

Traditional places like church, family events, and leisure time activities don’t present the same pool of candidates as they did in earlier times.

The workplace provides a preselected pool of people who share at least one important area of common ground.

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Limit the number of coworkers with whom you share this confidential information.

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