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Woo Plus is attempting to reduce this unnecessary 'stigma', by creating an environment where larger women can make contact with men who aren't quite so single-minded. For me, the brilliance of Vanessa’s words was that she didn’t position fat women as tragic figures needing pity or shame, nor did she boldly claim sexual empowerment in the name of fat women everywhere.There have been times when I’ve tried to discuss my body size as a political issue and I’ve been told I am playing the “Oppression Olympics” or trying to falsely compare sizism to more serious, historical forms of oppression such as racism or sexism and thus detracting from those more politically important conversations.Fat people are told over and over that there simply isn’t enough space for fat bodies.Weiss misses the point that Vanessa is crucially initiating a conversation with a man she desires—a point glossed over too quickly by Nussbaum in her rush to point out that isn’t the first show to broach the topic of fat women’s sexuality or romantic lives.That fat women have things to say to other people about the relationships between their body types and their romantic lives barely seems to register on the larger cultural radar.A lot of energy gets put into reinforcing the message that our bodies are beautiful, whatever their size.But then we go and see new stats like this, which indicate that all the hard work is being undone by a bunch of ignorant, undeserving people.

If we want to be treated better, we should stop being fat, right?

He lamented in an article for The Concourse, “Vanessa would have far less trouble getting someone to hold her hand in real life, and while this was every bit the excellent, conversation-starting was perceptive enough to join the conversation.

But he didn’t start it, and plenty of men were already eager to have it.” Weiss, while seeming to advocate for fat women, is actually talking about fat women’s experience for us and redirecting the conversation to be one among men. K., leaving Vanessa and other fat women out of the conversation once again.

Not everyone was as impressed with Vanessa’s monologue as I was. As Emily Nussbaum asserted in the credit for breaking a supposed tv taboo against discussing women’s experiences of love, sex, and being fat. For decades, there’s been plenty of television exploring these themes—from on.” Nussbaum, and other critics who agreed with her, felt that the show was garnering undue attention while it ignored previous representations of fat women in pop culture and the media.

Self-appointed spokesperson for hetero, male “chubby chasers” (his preferred term) and author of the blog Ask a Guy Who Likes Fat Chicks, Dan Weiss also weighed in on the monologue, taking to task for ignoring men who prefer fat women.

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We have been trained in Western culture to think of the political and the intimate as polar opposites.

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