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"He's like a madman," she said at the main opposition rally.

A Catholic nun, Sister Mary John Mananzan, expressed relief that more people were starting to stand up against government abuses.

Duterte warned he will use force or expand nationwide his declaration of martial law in the country's south if the anti-government protesters threatened public order.

In May, he placed the southern third of the largely Roman Catholic nation under martial law to deal with a siege by pro-Islamic State group militants in southern Marawi city that has dragged on for nearly four months.

"I am happy that we are all here because I can see that just as fear is infectious, courage is also infectious," she said on stage at the opposition rally.

Another group of protesters staged a separate rally at the Commission on Human Rights, which has been repeatedly denounced by Duterte for raising an alarm over his campaign against illegal drugs that has left thousands of suspects dead. and European Union officials, along with the United Nations and human rights groups, have expressed alarm over Duterte's anti-drug campaign, sparking expletives-laden outbursts from the president."Despite international concerns levelled by various governments regarding Duterte's controversial clashes with drug cartels and potential human rights violations, the Filipino leader and his policies are widely popular," Pew said.It said face-to-face interviews of 1,000 adult Filipinos were conducted between Feb."You can just kill them so the people can't say anything," Duterte said.The Pew Research Center survey released Thursday showed Duterte and his campaign against illegal drugs are supported by most Filipinos, with 86 per cent having a favourable view of Duterte and 78 per cent supporting his handling of the drug problem.

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