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The most difficult part of talking often is simply getting started.You will find a list of 100 Conversation Starters below.The goal here is to get the two of you talking to each other. Often I have sent couples home with the assignment to “Talk to each other.” They come back the next week saying something like, “We tried, but every time we would sit down to talk one of us would say, ‘Okay, what do you want to talk about?’ and the other would say ‘I don’t know, what do you want to talk about? We couldn’t seem to come up with a starting point.” They often ended up frustrated, and the conversation stopped before it ever got started.Ditty never went belly up when there was a half-hour to kill; he saved his escapades for when we were running late or behind on deadlines. Before flying to Maui to make things official, we arranged for someone to look after Ditty.He brought chaos and panic into our household, but every time I watched Greg drop a pea into his bowl, I realized that my boyfriend and I were starting to share the satisfaction of coming together to care for something besides ourselves. So good, in fact, that tending to Ditty occasionally sparked a dialogue that started with: "If we ever have kids … Providing his caretaker with instructions for reviving our aquatic family member ranked as high on our predeparture to-do list as packing my wedding night lingerie.

After an eight-month friendship and some cat–and-mouse shenanigans, Greg and I became inseparable.All the while, Greg and I were moving forward in our relationship.There was talk of marriage and a barefoot beach wedding, occasional ring shopping (we couldn't walk past a jewelry store without "browsing") and the relocation from our budget apartment into a very adult Studio City town home.I looked into the bowl and saw evidence of Ditty's breakfast. Several weeks later, I couldn't help but notice that my sporty little goldfish had tripled in size."Greg! The next morning, Greg raced to the kitchen to find Ditty back in action.I felt a strange tingle in my stomach as I smiled over my surprise at his willingness to drop everything for my fish. This whole goldfish-saving operation became a routine — we revived the little fantail 72 times.

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