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Tap the Air Drop button, it's on the right side toward the middle of the menu, right below the brightness slider.Select Receiving Off, Contacts Only or Everyone to change your settings.*You can always set it to Everyone to receive a group photo and then go back and change it to Receiving Off after you have the photo.Are you going to be engaged if you can’t follow specific users?

To access these settings on your i Phone, i Pod Touch, or i Pad, swipe up from the bottom of your locked screen to open up your phone's Control Center.Suppose you are taking a huge group photo at your family reunion.Instead of texting or emailing the photo to every single family member, everyone can turn on Air Drop and receive the photo within seconds.Setting aside sending and viewing randos (and waiting to receive them), all you can currently do is delete received randos so they don’t live forever in your stack, or flag a rando as inappropriate — always a risk with apps that let strangers swap visual messages.Still, the risk of Rando being with porn, a la Chatroulette or the early days of Vine, seems fairly low.

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