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Think about: Bring in other learning experiences here, too; perhaps you had a great course (or a terrible one) during college, and you can use aspects of that to help you with your planning.Although some membership sites are simply dripped feeds of content, with little or no input from the owner, members will have a much stronger reason to join if they know they’ll have Maybe you’ve provided tons of great materials — ecourses in bite-sized chunks, pre-recorded seminars, video tutorials — but members just don’t seem to be engaging with them.I loved the idea of regular monthly income and a dedicated group of writers to work with. For me, that meant sending weekly emails to my members, letting them know about anything new and highlighting key forum topics.

But I gave these free places to writers who wouldn’t have been able to join otherwise.These lovely people are often your greatest fans — and they may well become some of the most committed, helpful members of your site.Try it: When you start your membership site, your main concern will probably be ensuring that members know they’re getting plenty of content for their money.Join e Harmony today and ensure your first meeting has that 'wow' moment.e Harmony has brought together millions of singles who have gone on to have happy relationships.

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