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Williams was in the death chamber on a gurney when the stay was granted at 8.30pm Central, and was excused to go to the bathroom according to KATV.

The stay was eventually lifted, and he was brought back to the chamber at 9.29pm.

Execution procedures started at 10.19pm and he was pronounced dead 14 minutes later.

He gave no final words, and his victims' family declined to give a statement.

Jones' chest was rising intermittently.7.09pm Jones' chest was still rising.

The tongue depressor was still in his mouth.7.10pm Jones' chest was still rising.7.11pm Jones' chest still appeared to be rising.

When authorities arrived to the site of the murder of Phillips, Lacy's lifeless body was in a closet, tied to a chair.'I was doing the photographs and at the time I thought she was deceased,' the former Chief Investigator for the White County Sheriff's Office said. And when I took the picture with the flash, I saw her look up with one eye.' JR Howard, then an investigator for the Arkansas State Police, said it was Lacy's description that immediately tipped off Lindsey as to who the killer was.'She told Bill that he had a tattoo around his eye,' Howard said.'There were some Bald Knob officers present and that rang a bell with them.

They knew immediately who that was.'Officers then brought in Jones and he confessed to the rape, murder and attack. He was just a cold-blooded person.' -Bill Lindsey, former Chief Investigator for the White County Sheriff's Office 'If there ever was a case that supported the ultimate punishment, the case of Jack Jones, Jr is it.'-Chris Raff, former prosecutor for the 17th Judicial District 'Well I just want to let the James family and Lacy [know] how sorry I am. I tried to be respectful from the time I took and become a better person.

Williams was scheduled to die just an hour later, but had a temporary stay granted after his lawyers argued that Jones suffered unnecessarily during his execution.The lawyers said Jones was moving his lips and gulping for air during periodic consciousness checks after midazolam, a powerful sedative, had been administered.They argued that this constituted 'cruel and unusual punishment', which is prohibited under law, and argued that Williams was bound to suffer similar effects because like Jones he suffers from diabetes and neuropathy.The official opened Jones' eyelids and moved his head to check consciousness.7.12pm The official rubbed Jones' sternum.There was no visible movement from Jones.7.13pm No visible movement from Jones.7.17pm The official opened Jones' eyelids again and touched his sternum.7.18pm The official took off his headset and placed a stethoscope on Jones' chest.7.19pm A man, believed to be a coroner, placed a stethoscope on Jones' chest.7.20pm Jones was declared dead.

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