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But Alexa misheard, and offered the kid a track from the Spotify Playlist, “Ultimate Comedy Ringtones Vol 2.” Police receive warrant to search murder suspect's Amazon Echo “You want to hear ...

‘Porn Detected,’” Alexa begins — before reading the track’s full title, which includes the words “hot chick amateur girl,” “p---y,” “sex,” “dildo” and many more unprintables.

A young college student desperate for tuition money moves into a house that streams content to an X-rated website.The issue is likely to become increasingly prevalent, security experts like Marc Rogers, principle researcher at Lookout Mobile Security, told Slash Gear recently.Part of Rogers’ current focus is how manufacturers of what, until now, have been effectively appliances will handle the responsibility of managing updates and patches in a timely manner when internet connectivity becomes ubiquitous.The adults in the room quickly figured out what was happening and frantically ordered Alexa to stop — but the digital assistant kept on reading the explicit nouns until the long title was done. 12 on the playlist, merely warns, "too much porn detected on this mobile device," a funny little prank track someone can put as a ringtone on their buddy's phone. Was Kevin Bacon ever in a movie with Frank Sinatra? Cursing Hatchimals: R-rated chapter in holiday toy story But artificial intelligence isn’t perfect.The Alexa device, of course, was not created solely to facilitate porn searches, but to serve as a digital assistant, say, to help with recipes in the kitchen (“Alexa! Microsoft’s “Tay” chatbot — which tried to converse with people on Twitter — became a racist jerk in a matter of hours.

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