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In interviews, many women said that although they would like to see a female president, they were deeply concerned about Le Pen’s anti-immigrant, antiglobalist views and her party’s conservative views on women’s reproductive rights. Her partner, a politician who has kept a much lower profile than Brigitte Macron, is 47.

Cécile Alduy, a French professor at Stanford University who is in Paris this semester following the election, said that political spouses in France do not have the same public role as they do in the United States.

The difference is that Macron’s wife is the older one.

He is the opposite of Donald Trump.” Brigitte Macron is a grandmother and her husband has boyish looks. The couples have nearly the same age gap: the Trumps were born 23 years and 10 months apart and the Macrons 24 years and eight months.

Melania Trump, who used to model here in Paris, is young enough to be the U. Le Pen, if elected, would make history as France’s first female president, but men turned out in greater numbers for her than women did in the first round of the election, according to polls.

Carla Bruni, the wife of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, was also high-profile.

But she was a special case, a former model and singer who had dated Mick Jagger and other stars.

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