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The Mc Fly star announced the news on Twitter this afternoon to all their fans – and we couldn’t be any happier for the Judd family. Kit Harry Francis Judd arrived this morning at .’ Harry, Lola and I are so happy to share our news.

‘Harry and I were obviously both very emotional and didn’t realise we would be as emotional – I think that’s the beautiful side of IVF many people don’t know about.’ With child number two on the way – does she have plans to make her family even bigger?Judd said the drug “became a part of life”, and that, without it, he struggled to sleep and “couldn’t really function”.“I realise now that I was suffering from the physical effects of anxiety and paranoia,” he said.' And that terrified me."I had to give myself time before I went back for the next round, to truly grieve over what I'd actually just lost."And on welcoming Lola, she said: "I remember just looking at her and just thinking, I would have waited forever to meet her."Now, Izzy and Harry are trying to challenge the stigma around IVF, and she has written a book detailing the couple's journey to parenthood called "I think people see IVF as three letters that are incredibly frightening, and full of injections," Izzy added."Actually, there is something truly magical about IVF if you can switch your mind to think of it slightly differently."I know it's really tough, but there are so many special moments.

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I want to give others hope that amazing things can happen 🌟 A post shared by I Z Z Y J U D D (@mrs_izzyjudd) on Despite having tragically suffered a miscarriage while on IVF, Izzy revealed how there’s a ‘beautiful side’ to the treatment which brought her and Harry closer together.

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