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They're excellent role models, and their story is full of positive messages and themes, including integrity, perseverance, teamwork, and communication." /With determination and intelligence, you can overcome almost any obstacle."I learned so much from him, as an artist and as a kind human being, and it's my goal to just try and continue as much as I can in my own little world that legacy." "We talk so much about him as the pop legend, which is important, but it's nice to remember that he was a man, that he was a father," Robson said."And that's what it's really about is a father and his children, and he was a wonderful dad."The 2005 trial in Santa Barbara County, California, centered on charges that Jackson had molested a 13-year-old cancer survivor who often visited his ranch.And they don't let the obvious and overt racism they have to face stop them.is based on the inspiring true story of three brilliant African-American women who worked at NASA in the 1950s and '60s as "human computers" -- making calculations and contributions that helped launch the manned spaceflight program.Henson) were engineers and computers at NASA at a time when both women and African Americans were still widely discriminated against, particularly in segregationist Virginia. There's a little bit of romance (a few kisses, flirty comments, and slow dancing) and a bit of salty language (mostly along the lines of "damn" and "Jesus Christ" as an exclamation).They're excellent role models, and their story is full of positive messages and themes, including integrity, perseverance, teamwork, and communication.

"He was one of the strongest witnesses for the defense at Michael Jackson's criminal trial in 2005.There are 4 judges -- a business mogul with music ties, a music producer, a record exec and a big-time performer, who will pick a winner and then team up to launch that person's career.We've learned Diddy is the mogul and DJ Khaled is the producer. ORANGE COUNTY (CBSLA.com) — The murder in upscale Yorba Linda of a 17-year-old girl — caught up in the world of sex trafficking — is shining a light on a very dark and complex problem.Stacey Butler, reporting for KCAL9, says when it comes to helping the victims of human trafficking, Pastor Kevin Brown isn’t waiting for the girls to ask for help. “People in Orange County they need to wake up, they need to understand,” said Brown.

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The third judge has just been picked -- Charlie Walk, the President of Republic Records who is responsible for the careers of Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Halsey and Hailee Steinfeld.

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