How to buy double your dating book

Remember, though, these were all very subtle touches, not gropes.

In fact, in studies in which the touched person was later debriefed about the experience, typically less than ­one-third of the subjects were even aware that they had been touched.

So are touchy-feely people more successful at getting things done?

There is no data on whether bosses who dole out the occasional pat on the head run a smoother operation, but a 2010 study by a group of researchers in Berkeley found a case in which a habit of congratulatory slaps-to-the-skull really is associated with successful group interactions.

“But they are connected directly to areas of the brain such as the insular cortex, which is associated with emotion.” To primatologists, the importance of touch is no surprise. In nonhuman primates, social grooming is important for maintaining social relationships.

When I was in high school, the few times I gathered the courage to approach a girl, the experience felt like I was administering a ­multiple-choice test and she kept answering, “None of the above.” I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that a boy who spent his free time reading books on non-Euclidean geometry was not likely to be voted “big man on campus.” Then one day when I was in the library looking for a math book, I took a wrong turn and stumbled upon a work whose title went something like .

I hadn’t realized people wrote instructional books on subjects like that.

I can’t say the results were statistically significant, but decades later, I was shocked to find that a group of French researchers essentially repeated the exercise the book had suggested.

And they did it in a controlled scientific manner, achieving results that were statistically significant.

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Why were the touched women twice as likely to agree to a date? Unlike non­Euclidean geometry, touch research has many obvious applications.

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