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showed Hogan sleeping with one of his best friend’s wives and after the tape surfaced, one of Brooke’s friend stepped forward with some shocking news of her own.She admitted that she was also involved in an affair with the wrestler. Amidst the divorce battles with his ex wife, Hulk found solace in the arms of another and her name is Jennifer Mc Daniels.Houston said "sources" have informed him that the secret sex tape involving his client ends with Bubba the Love Sponge discussing the recording's potential value with wife Heather Clem.

And now all of a sudden it surfaces, you know over six years later, and it's just appalling." He said the scandal has "rattled" his new wife Jennifer Mc Daniel, whom he married in 2010. I go to my buddy’s house and he says, ‘Hey man you can do this other person’s laundry that I’m partners with.’ I said, 'Sure.’” He said they were all "close friends." "There was ongoing dialogue for over two years about this, and I said, ‘Honestly just give me a break. You’re joking.’ It was almost to a point of being funny,” Hulk explained.

Soon after all this Linda filed for divorce and Hulk found out about it from a reporter, who approached him and showed him the divorce papers. The two tied the knot when Jennifer was just 35 and he was 58, but that is not what most find weird about them.

Apparently, Mc Daniels looks a lot like Brooke, Hogan’s daughter, but whatever rocks his boat right?

See also: Nicki Minaj Feet, Shoe Size and Shoe Collection Hulk has not only had one wife before, but he’s currently unto wife number two.

He was first married to Linda Hogan who was formerly known as Linda Marie Claridge.

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