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If you live in China and have a We Chat account (I bet you have one), you might be looking for some good We Chat official accounts to follow.Below is a list of some of the best English We Chat official accounts in China.

It posts events in these two cities on a regular basis.Tap "add a card" from the We Chat Wallet section or from the popup that you get when you try to accept your friend's money transfer. Select Passport as your ID type, if you are a foreign passport holder.Make sure that the information that you enter is exact as it is written in your bank account.Tap on the Wallet icon to bring up We Chat Pay to add a bank card.If you can't find the Wallet tab, it likely means that your We Chat account is registered under a foreign phone number.

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Usually, this is due to a typo on your bank records. This is a code you'll be using anytime you wish to make a payment with We Chat Pay.

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