Insecure dating

She was not communicating with him or taking responsibility for her own actions.

By the time she made the choice to cheat on him, it was too late. Now in season two, with her heart broken, she’s in this vulnerable place with dating and putting herself out there and wanting him back.

Ever since she introduced herself as Awkward Black Girl in the eponymous You Tube show in 2011, Rae has been entertaining us with hilarious raps, heartfelt moments between lovers and friends, and an overall honest depiction of how life builds us up and tears us down.

‘Does not like or allow you to show true emotions, actually makes you feel guilty for the way you feel.’ 19.

‘Complete disregard to your personal property but you can’t touch their belongings.’ 20.

Sometimes, they can just completely manipulate you into staying. You don’t have to stay with someone who doesn’t make you happy – and you most certainly don’t owe your love to someone who makes you feel unhappy in yourself.

In a Reddit thread which asked: ‘Redditors, what are some signs that your significant other is manipulative, insecure, or otherwise just not good for you? ‘When any situation becomes about them and their feelings.’ 3.

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