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But this may not be accurate: There has been much anecdotal evidence that has led to "unsubstantiated claims that the divorce rate for Christians who attended church regularly, pray together or who meet other conditions is only 1 or 2 percent". Tom Ellis, chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention's Council on the Family said that for truly "...born-again Christian couples who marry..the church after having received premarital counseling..attend church regularly and pray daily together..." experience only 1 divorce out of nearly 39,000 marriages -- or 0.00256 percent.He doubts the accuracy of the Barna poll, noting that "Just saying you are Christian is not going to guarantee that your marriage is going to stay together." One must make a full commitment to God. However, religious beliefs tend to be based on faith.Scientific beliefs are generally based on observation and experimentation. For most people, their religious beliefs are an accident of birth: those born in Saudi Arabia will almost certainly mature to be Muslim adults; those born in Alabama will most likely become a fundamentalist or other Evangelical Christian.Whatever religion they grow up with is liable to determine their faith for the rest of their life.This can produce serious problems when two spouses come from different religious traditions: An inter-faith couple typically follows a pair of religions that teach very different beliefs and practices about deity, humanity and the rest of the universe. Many people believe that their religious beliefs were revealed by one or more Gods and/or Goddesses, and are thus absolutely true.Further, they believe that other religions were invented by humans and are thus lacking in Hakensack, NJ., wrote that inter-faith marriages have a failure rate that is 50% higher than same-faith marriages. Since the rate for all marriages is on the order of 50%, this would imply an almost 75% failure rate for inter-faith marriages -- 3 chances out of 4.One was a nationwide survey conducted in the 1970's.

Check other on line, print, or personal sources when in doubt.Regional and sectarian use of terms differ considerably. Also, separation and divorce do not seem to be good alternatives to staying together.Bollywood Love Stories Weddings Aamir Khan Kiran Rao Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan Sohail Khan Seema Sachdev Shirish Kunder Farah Khan Farhan Akhtar Adhuna Bhabani Kunal Kemmu Soha Ali Khan Arbaaz Khan Malaika Arora Khan Shakeel Ladak Amrita Arora In most of the Bollywood movies, the hero gets his true love in the end and they live 'happily ever after'.The battle of love is won after crossing many hurdles, like opposition from parents, a typical villain aiming at the girlfriend, and many other problems.

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