Intimidating eye

If successful, this inexpensive tool will help to safeguard the lives of lions and the livelihoods of subsistence farmers alike.

Lions are important animals economically and ecologically.

Anja Landsmann, Susanne Jul, Joanne Mc Gonagle, Ewa Beaujon, Josie Montgomery, Michael D' Ambrosio, Sinead English, Ryan Sauder, Rachael, Barbara Arch, Jeanne Thomas, Denny Luan, Rebecca Hobbs, Claire Mawdsley, Sue-Ellen Smith, Andrew King, Stephen Raverty, David Haywood Smith, Jordan Michelmore, Amanda Stronza, Sarah L.

Smith, Aimee Kleinman, Amy Larkins, Beth Rickwood, Rebecca Rose, Rakesh Agrawal, Karen James, Bob Hurle, Rebecca Spindler, Bobby-Jo Clow, Alex Thornton, Gilian Cleeve, Alicia Burns, Keith Guerin, Michael Anderson, Julia Myatt, Marian Layton Ryan, Martha Flower, Jen Conaghan, Rose Thorogood, Rosanne Kirkup, Stephen Robinson, Helen Wade, Steve Arch, Sara Liljeholm, Ruth Rickard, Marco Dumont, Xena Longferret, John, Emma Ambrose, Deni Seymour, Colin Donihue, Beverley Myburgh, Christine Griffiths, Lizzie Croose, Jessica Meade, Monique Van Sluys, Kate Ray, Kelly Taylor, Stephanie Mitchell, Helen Johnson, Kasper Møller Andersen, Miquel Schevchenko Kody, Bonnie Metherell, Tom Soundy, Graham Luckhurst, Christina Tran, Cindy Wu, Dorothy Lippert, Carly Sorge, Anna Kusler, Nicolas Jeker, Eric Damon Walters, and Jose L Guajardo A major reason that lions are in decline is that many are killed every day in retaliation for eating livestock.

I have previously secured funding for 10 cattle GPS-loggers, a research vehicle and its running costs.The lion GPS-collar is the most expensive aspect of the work, but at this stage it is also the most critical as it will allow me to determine the actual predation risk that the cows are exposed to through GPS-proximity data.In this world of increasing conflict, we need innovative solutions that help us tread the path of co-existence.Half of a herd in Botswana (~30 cows) will be painted with an eye-pattern on their rump, while half will not. unpainted cows will be recorded during visits to the kraal (overnight predator-proof enclosure).Cows will also be fitted with GPS-loggers to record fine-scale movement, and equivalent data for a resident lion from the pride in the herd's grazing area will be recorded using a satellite GPS-radiocollar.

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