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Pros: Being expressive can also be charming, right?At least your extrovert will be animated and you won’t need a shot of liquid courage just to get a conversation started.I remind him to circle back with me so I don’t feel stuck in social situations for extended periods of time.It’s worth it, but it’s still a challenge.” But when is it worth it?When it comes to the days your extroverted significant other just can't stand hanging out at home anymore, don't take it personally - they may just be getting a little case of cabin fever.Trust me, it's fairly easy for an extrovert to catch cabin fever; they need socialization as well as things going on to entertain themselves.

While neither of these personalities are wrong or better than the other, they are different.

A couple of weeks ago, I was late-night browsing on the app Whisper (like most people who know they should be going to bed but just don't feel like it do).

Most of the time on Whisper, most secrets are usually dumb things like "I was interested, knowing my boyfriend and I are complete opposites who make it work, I wanted to know what other people said. A bunch of people responded with things talking about communication, complimenting each other, how being different makes sure relationships are never boring, and being dedicated.

Typical extroverts, according to Myers-Briggs, can be aggressive, passionate, and socially adept and they’re usually fast thinkers.

All of these attributes can be great qualities in a date.

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