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Maybe this sexting talk was just another tall tale of ribald and Bacchanalian Tehrani youth.A few minutes later, though, some other solicitor asked permission to send a package.Therefore sex messaging is as anonymous as one wants it to be.Given that everyone on the metro is constantly poking at their cellphones, one could never know who was the source of an erotic "sext." Solely in the name of science, one day I decided to turn on my Bluetooth and see what happened on my daily metro trip.Should it be surprising, and does it even matter, that this is happening here in the Islamic Republic?Before the events of 2009, many thought that this form of libidinal expression was very important, in a political sense. Pornography in Iran, like in most places, tends to end up as sex education before it actually gratifies any teenage urges.

I am referring here to the phenomenon of Bluetooth "sexting." (If you are an easily offended diaspora Iranian pining in nostalgia for the homeland, please click away now.) Cellphones became the conduit in the late Khatami period for a favorite pastime in Iran -- telling jokes. intelligence, as were GDR jokes by the West Germans, and the confidential compilations of these were handed to bemused diplomats of the West on a regular basis because of their insight into life under "actually existing socialism." During what we might call Iran's "Brezhnev" era -- the apathetic times of the post-Khatami years that hopefully came to an end in 2009 -- you could not leave your cellphone on without getting sent a joke as part of some form of mass SMS mailing.

I had heard that Bluetooth was being used to send sexually related matter from phone to phone in the Tehran metro.

This seems a highly innovative thing to do, since the metro is crowded with hundreds of people in peak hours, and males and females are mostly separated into separate train cars.

The maximum range is around 20-50 meters, and connections between two phones are secure and cannot easily be intercepted...

which means that some naughty things are bound to happen on them.

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As in any country with a heavy-handed state, political jokes tended to be most common, followed only by the usual comic fare of the world: ethnic jokes (A Turk, a Lur, and a Kurd walk into a mosque...). When President Ahmadinejad visited Baghdad, he returned and declared that he narrowly missed kidnapping by the West's dark machinations.

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