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40-year-old Atay is also an actor in addition to being a musician and a director.This duo has been dating since late 2013, after the divorce of Atay.It’s actually weird to think that there was a time before the podcast.

A: We actually chatted about pizza on Twitter without knowing each other and then met at a networking event called We Love CLT a few days later.

When they noticed that their friends were all using popular dating apps but not discussing it, they saw an opportunity to pull the curtain back and start a conversation.

The Margarita Confessionals — their wildly popular podcast — was born, and they have been helping locals navigate the tricky Charlotte dating scene ever since.

We felt like no one else was talking about using Tinder and Bumble, but everyone was doing it, so we decided to start the conversation! We recorded the first episode in my living room with one microphone.

L: I have a background in radio and had been interested in the concept of podcasting.

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