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Diamond is the rare artist covered by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Puck, star of hit television show Glee (all have performed Sweet Caroline).

This month he, in a way, returns the favour, by releasing his own album of cover versions.

There are rare cases where it can affect humans as viruses causing bird flu have the capability to mutate and half of (Read more)…. Ebola virus is a Deadly and serious virus it transmitted from animal and human.Her first major television series role was on the WB’s Greetings from Tucson (2002).She filmed Sleepover (2004) and Aquamarine (2006) and Return to Halloweentown (2006).This man has sold 128 million albums, making him the third biggest recording artist of all time. My wife at the time was gonna cook up some steaks for us all, but my dog got on the table and stole all the steaks,’ he grins as his spaniel, a rescue dog named Poker, scampers around his shins. Let’s hope this one works out better.’ Diamond has such a quiet, sober and unassuming manner that it’s sometimes easy to forget his achievements.He was the writer of the biggest-selling song in the United States in 1966 (the Monkees’ cover of I’m A Believer).

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Once past the imposing steel gate, the open-plan house isn’t especially big or extravagant, but the frontage is spectacular.

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