Joe jonas dating amanda michalka

Yet another Disney Channel pairing for the brothers.

After touring with Aly & AJ, Joe quickly hit it off with the singer.

Although Justin Bieber is the king of rumored (and confirmed) relationships, Joe Jonas comes in at a strong second.

From his early loves who inspired quintessential tween pop songs to high-profile breakups — *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* — it seems that Joe’s love life has been through the ringer. At the ripe ‘ol age of 24, Joe seems to finally be settling down, but still has a hefty list of exes who many may (or may not) have forgotten about.

When asked about their relationship, he said, "She’s great. I think in this industry, you meet a lot of people and you stay in touch.

Obviously, it’s tough to be friends with people that are always constantly traveling, but yeah, we’re cool." Phew!

There are rumors that the girls' hit single "Potential Breakup Song" is actually about Joe.

In case you missed the news, Joe Jonas is a taken man. Let's be honest.) The DNCE singer is officially engaged to his girlfriend of a year, Sophie Turner!

(If you happened to forget, there are a bunch of songs about their old relationship, including "Better Than Revenge," "Last Kiss," "Forever and Always" and "Holy Ground.") Thankfully, he seems to have no bad blood with any of his exes, including Tay.

For the purposes of this ~ look back into history ~, we started out at the very beginning with Mandy, his high school sweetheart.

She inspired one of the Jo Bros most iconic songs, but now she's totally out of the spotlight.

Aly expertly answered, “Joe Jonas.” Ding ding ding, we have a winner! “They opened for us when we were all like, 15, and so we started dating and we were together for a year,” AJ explained.

When it comes to Disney Channel couples, you thought you knew them all.

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