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he's really cute x3 I loved Bou a lot but I didn't like him as Miku n.n I also have a lot of songs I like ...) refers to the Indian Bengali language film industry based in the Tollygunge region of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.Retrospectives of his films have been shown in major cities of the world.Another Bengali filmmaker, Ritwik Ghatak, began reaching a global audience long after his death; beginning in the 1990s, a project to restore Ghatak's films was undertaken, and international exhibitions (and subsequent DVD releases) have belatedly generated an increasingly global audience. ^^ i never have money to buy anyone's CD, but if i get money for my bday, it might be a different story. im really curious as to what the reason was that made Bou leave like .. yepperz this thread is like officially dead or something, but i hope we can post more here.

In that same March 1932 article, Deming was also considering the name "Hollygunge" but decided to go with "Tollywood" as the nickname for the Tollygunge area due to "Tolly being a proper name and Gunge meaning locality" in the Bengali language. There was something going on between Bou and Teruki though. y'all lyk him...i also made a thread abt him..2 see ur nyms there... I love An Cafe~~~ It's not Antique Cafe either... Another guitarist and a weird-looking person on keyboards. Some of his films have strong similarities to later famous international films, such as Ajantrik (1958) resembling the Herbie films (1967–2005) and Bari Theke Paliye (1958) resembling François Truffaut's The 400 Blows (1959).The cinematographer Subrata Mitra, who made his debut with Ray's The Apu Trilogy, also had an importance influence on cinematography across the world.

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he said he had a goal in mind but because of the bands activities he couldn't do it ... it's ok n____n What I heard was that Bou wanted to grow more as a musician but he felt inadequate in the band so he quit and I guess he's going to join another band in the near future. If you are the original topicstarter and you find this topic's ownership to be given to another member, then that is because your topicstart was so bad that the credit of this topic has been removed from you. :nuts no I don´t like him at all :closedeyes: ....anybody seen him without sunglasses? :nuts no I don´t like him at all :closedeyes: ....anybody seen him without sunglasses? kakusei heroism and Ryuusei Rocket are the new PVs of the 'new' ancafe. But, I was subscribed to the Shojo Beat Magazine and saw and read about their band, of course it was the new band since Bou or whoever he is left the group. So strong and different (better) than previous voice sound...check out Kakusei Heroism plug in for anime Darker Than Black...

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