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Which is why I have a problem with the images presented by Nicki Minaj, Khloé Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian West over the past few weeks.

Having a rumored Jewish boyfriend doesn't give Nicki a pass to release a music video rampant with Nazi imagery and fail to consider how and why those images are hurtful to Jewish people who lost families, property, and homelands because of the power and hate represented in them.

on Saturday night (November 4) at LACMA in Los Angeles.

We forget that it was only 14 years ago that the last state repealed their anti-miscegenation laws—which over half a million people voted to keep.A., San Francisco, and New York City (where a large number of people are mixed or mixing), I could've, perhaps, easily overlooked the fact that across America, interracial marriages are still relatively radical.It's true that interracial marriages are increasingly common; according to the same 2010 Census, an estimated 10 percent of all American marriages are interracial and 15 percent of new marriages occurring in 2010 were.Responding to a question about which experience with a Black woman -- aside from his mother -- marked a turning point in his life, the talented Chicago lyricist spoke fondly of his time with Ms. "Well, that definitely was my relationship with Erykah," he told ESSENCE during a chat about the A union that seemed a perfect pairing from the outside looking in, Common says falling for Erykah was an organic happening that helped shape his perception of what it really means to love a Black woman unconditionally."I didn’t really think twice about it back then," he adds.

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