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An Arts student dies every time you do that and no one wants to be responsible for that, do they? Cobra Starship – Good Girls Go Bad Dear Cobra Starship, Firstly I’d like to compliment you on making awesome boppy pop music for people who still want to feel indie. (You wont be getting any nasty letters from me, Katy Perry, take that!

I explained your music to a friend as Fair Trade Pop Music, an analogy which you don’t want to over-think, but it made me laugh. If I didn’t enjoy the repetition and the loud noises and the inexplicable! ) I hate to be the one to break this to you Cobra Starship, but, the thing is… Turns out that girls are just a lot more complicated than that.

star Leighton Meester after she joined them on stage at a recent concert.

The actress, who plays Blair Waldorf in the CW drama, surprised the audience at New York's Nokia Theater when she joined the band for a performance of their collaboration 'Good Girls Go Bad'. Today was the first time we did that."The girl can really sing. And the thing is, we're kinda like bad boy rock dudes and she's a real-life celebrity, and like I don't give a f**k."Saporta added: "Sometimes those two worlds clash together and they don't mesh well.

on Tuesday (February 14) at Cleveland Place in NYC.kinda." There's also a sneak-peek video at MTV, so check it out!The 'Good Girls Go Bad' singer additionally told the publication that he consulted Fetherston on her engagement ring prior to popping the question."I'm no dumb-dumb.It’s pretty new, you’ve probably never heard of it.(Now that I’ve finally paid attention to the end of that video clip, I find myself with more questions than answers; what the fuck is happening?? Oh I get it, it’s a “douchey white framed glasses” raid, right?

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