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If you can imagine all the goodness of Turkey day stuffed in between two pieces of freshly baked bread that you dip in gravy, you can get an idea of what this little slice of heaven is all about.

I won’t lie to you, I’d never visited this place before writing this but decided to take it upon myself to venture out and see what P-House is all about.

I grew up in Orlando and now currently attend the University of Central Florida.

My college is the second largest in the country and readily embraces the diversity that comes along with having sixty thousand students.

Last year it featured a petting zoo, live music, the parade, and fireworks.

You can feel better about having a beer or two at Pride because the alcohol proceeds benefit the COWP fund that not only puts on Pride every year but also provides scholarships and grants to LGBT students and LGBT non-profit organizations in the area.

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  1. Under Iowa Code for Revenue and Finance1, common law marriage in Iowa is legal for the purposes of filing income taxes (Administrative Rule, Chapter 39 [701]) and property tax exemptions (Administrative Rule, Chapter 73 [701]).