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You had affairs with some of your older men, but when it came time to get married you chose a contemporary.He laughs off your obsession, which is probably for the best.We have worked together for two years, and he has never done anything untoward.I want to be able to interact with men as colleagues, and not constantly have a racy dialogue playing in my head during every meeting and coffee break.

(As a side note, I heard Paula Broadwell call herself Gen.I have tried to tell my husband about my “problem,” but he responds with jokes and seems uninterested.Luckily for me, I have not encountered any four-star generals, but what if I did?and I stayed stunned in my seat until the credits rolled because I had to catch the name of the man I now loved.About 25 years later I was rushing through the lobby of an office building lobby in Los Angeles when I literally bumped into Sean Connery.

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  2. [Read: 13 awesome tips to easily impress a guy and make him want you] The flirty conversations, the stolen glances or a common friend could have created the perfect setting to fix both of you up on a date.

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